Monument Cleaning

For specialized granite cleaning contact Manchester Memorial Company today. We will clean your monument so it looks brand new. Click "Learn More" to see before and after photos of cleanings completed by MMC.

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Monument and Marker Restoration

The talented craftsmen at Manchester Memorial Company have over 80 years of experience in the restoration of granite, slate, and marble monuments. Click "Learn More" to see a few other restorations of older memorials.

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Cemetery & On-Site Lettering

Our cemetery letterer has the ability to match any and all types of engravings. We can add names, dates and plaques to match any memorial and have been doing so for the past 80 years.

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Bronze Refinishing

Bronze weathers naturally over time and Manchester Memorial Company has the knowledge and expertise to refinish your bronze grave marker or dedication plaque to its original luster.


Custom sandblasting of metal parts, glass and mirrors is available. There are some size limitations. Call for details. Click "Learn More" for more photos of our work.

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Flower Vases

Our selection of flower vases includes granite, bronze, aluminum and cast metal.

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Vigil Lamps

Vigil lamps, sometimes referred to as eternal lights, are used in cemeteries and memorial gardens to honor and remember deceased loved ones. Our selection includes vigil lights that are powered by solar, candles, batteries and are made of an assortment of different materials.

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Photo Medallions

By adding a photo to your family memorial your loved one will be remembered for years to come.

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Cemetery Flags and Holders

Veteran Flag Holders are in remembrance of service members and veterans who have sacrificed everything protecting our freedom. It is an appropriate tribute to honor their gravesite. For those who selflessly defended our freedom, these flag holders simply state, "Thank you and we will never forget."

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