10-2020 "Dear Jeff, How can I ever thank you enough for the outstanding job you did for us. It was Bob's wish to have an obelisk as a monument and I know he's smiling down from heaven because it is perfect! You had to receive many emails from our daughters (especially Melissa, the engineer like her dad). We went back and forth because we are all so detailed oriented! You were patient and all your suggestions were so helpful. The installation was quite the job but it went smoothly and thank goodness for the couple from Vermont, they are experts. You are a true professional and you take great pride in your work! It is obvious you enjoy what you do! Thank you so much!"

"Thank you Jeff. It was a pleasure to do business with you."

Oct. 2, 2020 "Dear Jeff and Kristen, I went to see the monument this morning and I want to thank you both so very much for such a beautiful and dignifying monument. Be well and be happy"

9/21/2020 "Thank you very much - We went to Tyngsboro to view the stones - My brothers were impressed with the shamrock on their marker! Very easy working with you!"

"Kristen & Jeffrey, Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for doing such a great job on my son's stone. I'm very pleased with it. I was so happy when I arrived to see it in it's rightful spot... my heart was filled with so much happiness and a final sense of closure. He has his final resting place and you helped make it and for that I'm so grateful. You were so professional and friendly and yet you understood my needs and was compassionate and for that I'd like to thank you as well. I needed help and you took care of it perfectly."

9/10/2020 "Thank You, The monument came out beautiful."

"To All, Thank you for the help and advice you gave to us. During such a difficult time you all made the burden so much easier. The monument and marker look beautiful. We will not hesitate to recommend you to folks!"

"Thank you for the great job engraving the O'NEIL stone in memory of my son Colin."

"Jeff, Thank you so much- Stone looks great."

August 28, 2020 "Hi Jeff, Appreciate your find and timely work on our memorial stone. It is as you proposed and everyone is pleased with the work. "

Sept. 2, 2020 "Dear Jeff, Thank you to Manchester Memorials for the excellent service you provide. The installation of our beautiful new marker went smoothly& we are extremely happy with the way it looks in our memory garden."

"It is lovely. Thank you. Your were so helpful and kind."

8/6/2020 "Thank You! The headstone looks perfect!"

7-9-2020 "Thank you for the great service and also a great job."

7-9-2020 "Thank you for your prompt & professional service."

7-9-2020 "Mr. Boucher - Thank you for your service for my Mother.

"Thank you both! The stone looks great. I am very pleased with the final outcome. Peace & blessings, Karen P.S. Stay Safe!"

06/01/2020 "Thank you. It looks amazing."

"Thank you! Excellent job!"

"Thank you. We went over and it looks great."

7-14-2020 "Thank you so much! Beautiful job cleaning and with the etching of year "2020. I was very satisfied with the work done."

"Dear Kristen & Jeff, Thank you for the generous donation of the Hope Garden granite slate. We are truly humbled by your donation."

7-31-2020 "Dear Jeff, My family and I would like to thank you for helping us complete the process of honoring Jack. It has been lengthy due to timing but well worth the result. You have both been very supportive and understanding which helped immensely. We are very pleased with the stone and sure Jack is looking down with his approval."

8/3/2020 "Dear Sir, Just a note to say thank you for another job well done by your company. As you know that I will tell all that your work was just first class. The cleaning of my mom & dads stone was better than new."

6-06-2020 "Jeffrey, We are so pleased with the final product that you helped create. Thanks very much."

"Thank you for doing a beautiful job of adding the date on my husband's stone. It looks perfect."

"Thanks Jeff. The headstone is perfect."

"Thanks for your help both times Jeff. It looks very nice! -Professional!" Paul

5/15/2020 "Thank you so much, I was very pleased with the monument. "

4-28-2020 "Jeff and Kristen, thank you so much!!!! They look beautiful - you have no idea what this means to me! I have wanted to have them cleaned for a while now and I had tried on my own with absolutely no success and didn't know where to turn until I heard of you. I would leave there each time feeling sad that they looked so bad. I never thought they (particularly the Roche stone) could look so good again! Also, that you took the time to do the planters, flat markers and the corner stones has me bowled over!!! Again, thank you so much! Mary R p.s. The check is in the mail! (Truly!)"

4/22/20 "Dear Jeff, Thank you again for your assistance with my mom's marker. I look forward to seeing it as soon as we are able to travel again."

4-23-2020 "Hi Jeffrey, You did an awesome job with cleaning my dad's stone. My mom lives by my brother in Ohio now so I texted him before and after shots of the stone. His response was "WOW! They did an amazing job." I totally second that. Thank you very much. "

4/20/2020 "Thanks for the picture. It came out well. Just what we wanted."

3/21/2020 "Jeffrey, Thank you. The engraving is perfect."

"We stopped by and took a look at the gravestone - you did a wonderful job! Thank you"

"Jeff & Kristen , I just received your invoice and pictures of the engraving and cleaning work you did. Thanks for including pictures, the work looks incredible. Particularly put against the "before" pictures I had sent you. You guys are magicians! Very much appreciated. I'll send a check out for the $ 160 balance before the end of the week. Best Regards, Dan"

January 26, 2020 "Dear Jeff and Kristen: Thank you for the great work on my parents' lilac carving for their gravestone. I think that it perfectly balances the rose above."

1-8-20 "Thank you so much for the beautiful work you preformed for my Mom, brother & sister. I had the chance to go to St. Joseph's Cemetery when the snow melted, to view the work."

1-4-20 "Hi Jeffrey & Kristen, Thank you again for helping me out with my project. As you can see, the "W" looks terrific and was a huge surprise for my husband. It fits perfectly and so far is holding on. It is really our house after all these years. Happy New Year!"

"Thank you! It looks wonderful!"

"Dear Jeff and Kristen, Thank you for making this very difficult process so uncomplicated for me. My husband was truly the love of my life for 35 years, and I am beyond bereft without him. i appreciate your kindness."

"Jeffrey, Thank you for getting the job done. It looks great and the family loves it. I'll be glad to recommend your services."

"Jeff & Kristen - The monument looks great! Thanks for all of your guidance & patience working with Caryn & I."

"It looks great. Thank you"

"Jeffrey Boucher & Kristen Smith: I want to thank you for your assistance and I would like to tell you that I am more than pleased at the way the engraving on our headstone turned out. Excellent work! It is Beautiful!"

"The engraving looks beautiful - Thank you"

"Thank you so much, it looks beautiful. It is such a beautiful monument."

"Thank you. I saw the stone with the added date. You did a very good job."

"Thank you! We're happy with my mother's headstone."

"Jeff, Nice job. Looks good. Thanks""

"Thank you again for your services. Mom's are important."

"Thank you for all your help in preparing the monument. Our entire family loves it."

"Hi Jeff, We (3 children and me) were all together this past week and went to see Paul's monument. (Susan was happy her date wasn't on it!) We are so pleased it is beautiful. You do great work. Many thanks"

7/18/17 "Jeff, I am very pleased with the monument! The stone cutter did a beautiful job creating Our Lady. You were so helpful & supportive to me throughout this process! Thank you & God Bless."

"Thank you for an Excellent job. It looks brand new! I will recommend you to anyone."

"Thanks so much for doing this work for "our" brother Bill!"

"Thank you so much for your prompt service. It looks wonderful."

"Kristen & Jeff, Thank you so much for your exceptional service in creating a very nice monument for my son James."

"Thank you very much! Excellent job!!!"

"Perfect! I Love them."

"Thank you - The stone does look new."

6.4.19 "Dear Jeff and Kristen, The monument is beautiful. It's perfect. I couldn't be happier about the way it turned out. I would be happy to recommend you should the need arise. Thank you!"

"Dear Jeff, It has been a pleasure to have you guide us through the design of Mom's tombstone! I've planted lots of flowers & 4 tomatoes on the site. I am hoping for a weeping cherry too. The stone is very attractive and all the family is quite pleased. Thank you so much for your gentle pressure approach to handling all this. We will definitely recommend your services to others. (Hope we don't need them too quickly though.)"

"Kristen and Jeff, Thank you so much for all of your help through this process. You have been incredibly helpful, professional and polite. I will recommend you you whenever the opportunity arises."

"Dear Jeff, Enclosed is my check for the balance for Ed's monument. I want to thank you for all your help. (Kristen too) You made a very difficult situation easier to complete. It was a real pleasure meeting you & Kristen. Take care & be well."

"Nice work! Thank you so much!"

"Dear Jeff, Thank you for doing this work so quickly. I so appreciate your kindness & consideration."

"Jeff & Kristen, I just wanted to thank you both so much for your help over the past year - selecting a stone, design and creating my Dad's beautiful memorial stone. I appreciate your kind-hearted assistance."

"Jeff, Thank you very much for making sure the VA marker was engraved, delivered and installed properly. A job well done as you promised."

"Dear Mr. Boucher and Manchester Memorial, Thank you for your valuable contribution to my Eagle Scout Service Project. With your help, I was able to raise $7,000 towards the construction of a monument displaying the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Because of your generosity, I am now officially an Eagle Scout. I encourage you to visit Holy Rosary Church in Hooksett, NH so you can view this beautiful monument."

"Jeff, Everyone, including myself, are in awe of your work. I can't thank you enough."

"Hello Mr. Boucher, I am so thankful that God did lead me to you. It is never too late to learn. I am so grateful that you are a patient man. I really want to thank you for the beautiful bench and all the detail involved. You have made it exceed my expectations. I am hoping the Bible verse will help bring souls to Jesus as Savior. My wife and relatives that have seen the bench are so wowed at the beautiful job that you at Manchester Memorial have done. Thank you so much."

"Hi Jeff, thank you for great service and a job well done."

"Jeffrey.... Thank you very much for an excellent cleaning job on my grandparent's monument. I am very pleased. At 75, I'll leave the next cleaning to Reese and my niece, Jan!! We are going to Italy on Aug.10th to revisit my grandfather's great nieces and nephews there. I will be bringing photos of the spanking clean monument with me. Thanks Again, Mike"

"Dear Mr. Boucher, I want to thank you. The monument for my husband is beautiful. It turned out exactly as I had envisioned it and you made a difficult process as easy as possible. Julie"

"To whom it may concern, I spoke with a gentleman on 3/19/15 at about 4:30pm. I didn't catch his name unfortunately. I just wanted to express my gratitude for being willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. He was willing to research where my family burial plot was and offered to go Mt. Calvary in Somersworth if I was unable to find a company closer. Kind hearts do not go unnoticed. I hope this gets to him, it's just a little token for 10 minutes of kindness in a difficult time. Sincerely, Appreciative Girl From Ohio"

"Dear Jeff & Kristen, Thank you for your help getting all this settled, and for taking care if y cousin Robert's marker also. I'm& glad my Uncle John & Aunt Josie's marker might make it here before winter. Thank you again. "